About Us - Overview

Acu Medica, a Mumbai-based leading service provider in the field of Medical Diagnostics, is driven by a Passion for accuracy, an Acumen for Quality and Acuity for Excellence. Our business is centered around 4 key segments, viz., Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, Critical Care & Neonatal Care. We cater to Pathology/ Diagnostic laboratories and Hospital laboratories, all over India, with our nation-wide network of service providers.

Acu Medica was set up in 2015 to cater to the needs of ‘Technology Enabled Advancements in In-vitro Diagnostics’, by ‘MyHealth Skape’- a leader in Ophthalmology instruments and services in India and backed by Pharmaserv, a leading player in Pharma API and Product Development outsourcing from India to nations across the globe.

Our international collaborations with Shenzhen Dymind Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Meizhou Cornley Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. & EKF Diagnostics, have enabled us to introduce “State-of-Art” medical equipment to meet the critical needs of patients across all age groups. We have the distinction of introducing “Creamatocrit Plus” for the first time in India for meeting the sensitive needs of the new born babies.

With a vision of providing quality & “State-of-Art” solutions for laboratory systems, Acu Medica is guided by the motto of ‘World-Class Technology & Service’. We aspire to be a trusted solution provider for In-vitro Diagnostics with our collaborations with world class manufacturers offering the latest and most advanced technology.

Human life is precious. Precision is the need when human life is threatened by illnesses wherein diagnosis and monitoring play a critical role in recovery. It is towards this that we, at Acu Medica, strive on.

MyHealth Skape

MyHealth Skape in India features among the top 10 players in the field of Ophthalmological Instrumentation with the world’s best principal brands in this segment, including, Alcon (WaveLight), Moria, Tomey, CSO, UFSK, IROC, Hanshin, Mani, Propper, Wipak, Shinva, and Gerix.

MyHealth Skape is catering to the specific needs of nearly 10,000 Ophthalmologists in India, since its inception in 2000. MyHealth Skape is recognized for its wide range of high-end Ophthalmologic instruments and for its high growth year after year.

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Pharmaserv was set up in 2004 with the specific purpose of forming a bridge between the global pharmaceutical world and India, for diverse requirements, including API sourcing, Product Development, Formulation Manufacturing and other requirements.

Pharmaserv's USP lies in identifying a client's need, suggesting a solution and then helping the client to implement the solution. Pharmaserv has helped clients across the world to source APIs, manufacture formulations, outsource R&D, develop products and design product pipelines and develop strategies to cut costs and optimize products.

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