Keme Smart
Semi-Automated Biochemistry Analyzers

iMagic M5
Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzers

Biochemistry Reagents

7-wave lengths with 80 tests pre-programmed
7” colour LCD touch screen
Real time curve showing
Memory for 10000 sample results
RS 232 interface and PC Connecting

Unique discrete, X+Y+Z dispensing system fully automated chemistry analyser
Sample and reagent probe with stirring function
Automatic probe washing, liquid level detection and collision protection
Flexible drawer-style reagent and sample unit
Max. Reagent position 50 and sample position 71
Continuous sample loading
Refrigerated reagent unit with Peltier elements
48 disposable cuvettes
No automated washing

Ready to use
Stables up to expiry
Convenient pack size
Enhanced linearity

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